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Worth Visiting
Thursday, January 29, 2004


Andy has no more tonsils and no more adenoids. As of 9:45 am he lost his! He did okay before the surgery, and wasn’t too nervous. After they took him back they dressed his bear as an OR nurse (SO cute!!) and did their thing. When he went to recovery he drank immediately and didn’t complain at all about the pain. HOWEVER, he was SCREAMING and whining and throwing himself around screeching that he WANTED TO GO HOME NOW, and was quite rude about it. Apparently most kids come out of anesthesia like that (there was another boy younger than Andy having a much nastier reaction too), and are okay after 30-45 minutes.

All I know is that when he got back to the room he said he hated me when I told him he couldn’t go home just yet – and then he told me to leave the room. So I left and made the obligatory “he’s okay” phone calls and went back.


He’s vomited up blood a few times and is rather irritated by it. Since you’re working on the throat, the blood drips down into the stomach where it can’t be digested and must be vomited up. He also can’t talk right now. Not because he hurts – in fact he doesn’t at all say he hurts. But because the saliva is so thick in his mouth it gags him to talk. Apparently the throat needs that gross saliva to heal and not be so raw – but Andy isn’t really thrilled with it! He’s doing great, up walking, playing and making odd noises and gestures to talk. He’s been greatly cheered up by Joshua actually, and has eaten a few cold things.

All in all he’s doing great and we hope for a quick recovery!