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Friday, January 23, 2004

Wasted Time

Wasted time? Not with this doctor and at this hospital. On THURSDAY, January 29th, Andy will have his tonsils and adenoids rudely cut from his body in a rather nasty procedure. So nice to give us notice though.

Andy is scared, but actually kind of excited -- juice and ice cream all day -- what can get better for him? I didn't lie to him, in fact I told him he will hurt so bad he won't WANT to drink but that he HAS to after it or they'll be taking him back to the hospital. I told him he could have whatever he wanted and asked for any specific requests. Apple juice, water, and purple stuff. And ice cream was added as an afterthought.

I figure our insurance is going to kill us. First we have a baby, then open heart surgery, and now an adenotonsilectomy. But hey, I'm not too thrilled with all the surgeries either so we're even.

Claudia, Peter's mother, will be coming down Tuesday through Sunday, and I'm pretty well alone for the rest of the time. Peter will go back to work the Monday following surgery, Claudia will be home, and that leaves me with two kids by myself. One recovering the other needy all the time. This should be fun!

Wednesday, January 21, 2004


So, I guess Andy was feeling left out. You see, he hadn't been hospitalized in 2003 -- only 2002 -- so he just HAD to start this year out with a big hospital bill.

Sometime before February 16th, Andy will lose his tonsils and adenoids. The ENT said he wasn't sure how Andy was breathing at night because he's so swollen. It's been a chronic problem for two years now. Last year they said to wait until it gets to be a problem.

Well, it's a problem. So my poor baby will go through surgery. I hope this isn't a trend -- my sending my babies into hospitals and/or surgery. I'm getting awful sick of it actually.