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Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Well, they have him, and DNA has proved it IS him. I am thrilled to know this scumbag is caught, and is going to be punished for his crimes.

I am, however, rather irritated he will get POW status. He's not a prisoner of war, he's a CAUSE of war. He deserves to be treated how he treated his citizens. Oh wait, that'd mean we'd not only torture and then kill him in the most inhumane ways possible, but he'd also have to be innocent. So much for that thought.

It amazes me that he's been caught, though. If you look back in recent history, none of the really "bad" guys have been caught. Hitler wasn't, Osama bin Laden hasn't as of yet, and plenty more before them. It's rather pleasant to know that Saddam has no power anymore -- at least not like before.

And though I don't always agree with him, I have to say congratulations and good job to President Bush. For a President to have been able to send troops and engage in a war, despite so many people against it and particularly doubting HIS ability, he has done a wonderful job. And more importantly, I must say THANK YOU to our troops. Because whether or not Bush had to send them -- he had to have someone to send and someone had to do the "job". These people have sacrificed their lives and their families to keep us safe, and personally I think that shouldn't be forgotten.

And finally, I have to say I am disgusted by Howard Dean. Instead of admitting he was wrong -- that the war was needed -- instead of saying good job to our troops -- instead of doing anything of the sort, the idiot is still saying no war was needed. Makes you wish he had been an Iraqi citizen under Saddams rule. He'd be singing a different tune then, or rather, no tune at all ...